Important Notice

The college is running assessment a little differently this semester. While we investigate a few options for a different server, teachers will be recording scores for student work onto a google spreadsheet, rather than onto JPortfolio. And students won't upload work to Jportfolio; they will turn in an extra copy to their teacher (or provide a link to their digital work). Teachers will still assess the work using the rubrics developed by their colleagues at the college. Rubrics can be found at and will be printed and put into faculty mailboxes in September.

If you really want to go to the old Jportfolio site, contact Clint Bucco at 301-405-2402, or

As a reminder, assessment of student work is required by both the university and our accrediting body, ACEJMC. ACEJMC wants to ensure that our students have learned the professional values and competencies the organization embraces.

If you are looking to extend the deadline for your borrowed equipment or want to vote on committee elections, please go to the new College Resource site located at